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NO State of emergency (SOE) in Oromia!!!

It is exceedingly curious to see a lawless state threatening the people with a declaration of state of emergency. …

In the mean time, now that they are using legal language to justify their thuggish behaviour (and to normalize what is normally exceptional), it is important to note why there is no constitutional-legal ground for declaring a state of emergency.

1. Emergency is declared when, owing to war, natural disaster, epidemic, or massive break down of law and order, exceptional measures become temporarily necessary in order to avert a bigger, imminent danger. There is no such thing in the country at the moment. Yes, there were boycotts and rallies in Oromia but that has not necessitated and elicited such measures even from the State Government.

2. Any issue of local peace and order is primarily a matter for local law-enforcement institutions. The principle of subsidiarity in Federalism requires just as much; that local measures are primary to state or federal ones. The federal government has only subsidiary role. Hence, the use of the term subsidiarity. From every report we are getting Oromia police is doing well in handling the challenges coming from the protests. In a historically unprecedented fashion, the police are protecting not just the bystanders but also the protesting youth themselves. Consequently, there is no need for declaring SOE even by the State Government.

3. If peace and order becomes difficult to ensure in Oromia, i.e., if it is beyond the capacity of Oromia police, then the state government may declare a SOE, mobilize state militia, and, if need be, seek help and get reinforcement from the Federal Police.

4. If the problem is severe enough as to create a state level constitutional crisis, a state-wide human rights crisis, or a serious security threat arising from a massive breakdown of law and order, then the state formally requests the house of federation to order a federal intervention.

The Oromia government didn’t deem it necessary to declare emergency in the state. Nor has it sought a federal intervention. If anything, for a good part of the year, the government of Oromia has been explaining to the federal government, almost ad nauseum, that everything is under control, that their only problem is the Federal army and police who wantonly kill civilians and provoke retaliation from the public, who provoke conflicts among group and solicit ethnic antagonism, who wage war on borders and displace hundreds of thousands, who go into rehab camps and shoot indiscriminately at the suffering mass.

5. Consequently, the federal government does not have the competence to declare SOE in Oromia. If anything, the army have been illegally occupying the region for far too long. They have been the cause of all the mayhem in every corner of the country. They are doing this for the purpose of protecting the interests of TPLF thugs, TPLF warlords, and embedded criminal businesses. Several times, they have been seen around spots where TPLF-Tigryan interests are located, almost as if they are there “to defend their settlers from the locals.”

So, we say NO to any SOE–declared and declared. The unlawful TPLF presence in the state is already enough of an emergency that calls for a declaration of war. Deploying the army in the midst of a civilian population is already being in a state of war.

#stopyourWarofHubris #no2UrSOE #WeRinSOEalready #leaveOromiaNow


Nuti qeerron Oromoo osoo hooggantoonni keenya nuuf jedhanii dararamaa jiran teenyee ilaaluu hin dandeenyu. Hayyuu fi qabsaa’an sabaa #BaqqalaaGarbaa gidiraa hamaa irra gahaa jiruun ijji isaa miidhaa guddaa keessa jirti. Qaamni isaa laamsha’ee rakkoo hammaataa keessa jira.Gochaa diinummaa mootummaan abbaa irree wayyaanee hayyoota Oromoo seeran ala hidhee irraan gahaa jirtu mormuuf akka guutummaa Oromiyaatti fi biyyattiitti #HiriirriMormii fi lagannaan gabaa gurraandhala 5/2010 (Wiixata) irraa eegaluun mata duree
1) Baqqalaa Garbaa qaroo Oromooti.
Qaroon Baqqalaa Garbaa qaroo ummata Oromooti.Qaroon isaa hin baddu nutu waliin bada malee
2) Baqqalaa Garbaa dabalatee hooggatoonni KFO fi ilmaan Oromoo hundi haa hiikkaman
3) Wixinee wayyaanen nuuf qopheesite hin fudhannu.
4) Qaamoleen ilmaan Oromoo 700,000 ol qe’eef qabeenya irraa buqqisanii dirretti hambisan seeratti haa dhihaatan
5) Finfinneen, Dirredhawaan, Harar tan Oromooti. Dantaan ummanni Oromoo Finfinnee irraa qabu Finfinnee mataa isheeti.
6) Wayyaanedhaan hin bulluu
jedhuun #Gurraandhalaa 5 irraa eegaluun gaaffin mirgaa keenya karaa nagaan jabaatee itti fufa.
Ilmaan Oromoo guutummaaOromiyaa
Gujii keessatti argamnu
Dafqaan bulaan
Hojjataan Oromoo hayyoota keenya mana hidhaatti wayyaanedhaan gidiraan hammaatan irra gahaa jiru hanga gad lakkifamanitti hiriira mormii addaan hin cinne gochuuf lammiin Oromoo hundi tokkummaan waliin hiriirree hooggantoota keenya cinaa akka dhaabbannu qeerron Oromoo waamicha Oromummaa isiniif goona.
hiriirri mormii fi lagannaan kuni kan adda isa godhu naannolee
#SSU.Kibbafi naannolee biroo keessatti guyyoota #shaniif walitti aansudhaan kan gaggeeffamu yoo tahu qaamolee mootummaa
poolisii fi lammiilee biyyattii cunqursaa hamaa lammiilee biyyattii irra gareen bicuun geessaa jirtu morman hundaan ni gaggeeffama.
Guyyoota kanniin keessatti hojiin hunduu ni dhaabbata.
Qeerron bifa naamusa qabuun hiriira gochuun dhaadannoo keenya ni dhageessifna.

Ummanni keenya karaa hundaan waan isa barbaachisu haa qopheeffatuu.

Ilmaan Oromoo biyya keessaf alaa kan dhaamsi kuni isin gahe karaa bilbilaan, ergaa gabaabatiin akkasumas magaalota adda addaa keessatti axxansuu fi raabsudhaan akka ummata biyyattii hundaa dhaamsa biraan geenyu adaraa isinitti dhaammanna.
Qeerron Oromoo qindeessitoonni mormii baadiyyaa fi magaalaa hunda keessatti,manneen barnootaa keessatti Fincila xumura gabrummaa akka guutummaa biyyattiitti qindaa’aa jiru dammaqinaan irratti hirmaachun ummata keenya akka dammaqsinu isin yaadachiisna.”

TPLF regime’s Minority Ethnic Monopoly of the Armed forces in Ethiopia ( A revisit after four years)


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Ginbot 7 Research


    ◙ Of the 64 top military commander posts, 49 are occupied by Tigreans, i.e., 77 percent; 15 are distributed between 4 Amharas, 8 Oromos, 2 Agews and one of mixed origin. Tigreans make up roughly 6 percent of the population of Ethiopia.

    ◙ Of the 15 highest ranking command chiefs posts and heads of main departments of the defense establishment, 11 are held by Tigreans, i.e., 73.3 percent, with the remaining posts distributed between one Agew, one Amhara, one Oromo and one of mixed origin

    ◙ Of the 15 command posts in defense combat support and combat support staff, 12 command posts are held by Tigreans, i.e., 80 percent, the remaining three distributed between an Oromo, and 2 Amharas

    ◙ Of the 13 military training command posts, 10 are occupied…

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Crackdowns on Qeerroo? Good Luck Intimidating the Tiger! 

Ethiopian Think Thank Group

Qeerroo in Naqamtee demonstrating their silent mourning for those killed by Somali Liyu Hayl and demanding justice be served.

This is a headline on the Ethiopian Reporter today.
ፌዴራል ፖሊስ “ቄሮ” በተባለው የወጣቶች እንቅስቃሴ ላይ ጥልቅ ምርመራ ሊያደርግ መሆኑ ተሰማ”

What does it even mean to (deeply) investigate Qeerroo? TheReporterputs its article the way that led me to think that the Federal Police defines Qeerroo as some sort of institution that is compromised of criminals instigating conflicts and hampering the ” legally put administrative proceedings”. Who are the Qeerroo anyway?

Let me help them understand the gravity of the dangerous game the FDRE is planning to play.

Qeerroo is an Afaan Oromoo term ascribed to youth (traditkonally male?). Its etymology stems from the word “Qeerrensa/Qeerransa” whose literal meaning is “tiger”. My literal meaning of Qeerroo is ” Tiger-ish” translated Tiger is a symbol of fierce fighter…

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KOMIISHINII BULCHIINSA MANNEEN SIRREESSAA OROMIYAA———————————————————Kutaa 1ffaa————-Ergaa kana Qilleensa irra akka nuuf olchituuf yeroo siif erginu dhugaa dubbachuuf imimmaan buusaadha kan siif barreessinu. 

 Daba hamaa Sirreeffamaa Manneen Sirreessaa Oromiyaa keessa jiran irratti hojjetamaa jiru kana adaraa gurra uummata bal’aa keessa nuuf buusaa!
Sirreeffamtoota Seeraa Adabbii Keenya Xumurrannee uummata keenyatti makamnee qabsoo keessa jirruu fi Hojjetoota Manneen Sirreessaa keessaa kan rakkoon sirreeffamtootaa isaan quuqu irraa qindaa’ee kan isiniif dhiyaateedha.

Gocha gara jabeenyaa Komiishinii kana keessatti hojjetamanii fi Manneen Sirreessaa Godinaalee fi Aanaalee Oromiyaa keessa jiran kanneen Komiishinii kana jalatti hoogganaman saaxiluun dirqama Oromummaa fi lammiilee keenya mana sirreessaa kana keessatti mirgi isaanii mirga bineensaa gaditti ilaalamaa jiruu kanaa ifa baasuuf dirqamneeti. Miidhaa sirreeffamtoota kana irratti dalagamaa jiru waan muraasa keessaa isiniif qoodna malee, guutummaatti dubbachuun tasuuma hin danda’aamu, sababni isaa dubbatamee waan hin dhumneef jechuu dha.Rakkowwan armaan gadii fi gocha bineensummaa sirreeffamaa kana irratti dalagamaa ture kana yeroo addaa addaatti qaama Komiishinii kana irraa dhufee qorannoo geggeessutti himannus furmaata tokko hin argatin jirra. Keessaa dhimmoonni adda dureen eeraman:

I/A/Komiishineraa Komiishinii Manneen Sirreessaa Oromiyaa kan ta’e Komaandar Addunyaa Namarraa kan jedhamu waggoota dheeraadhaaf Manneen Sirreessaa Godinaalee Oromiyaa addaa addaa kan Ogganaa ture yommuu ta’u yeroo ammaa I/A/Komishineera Komiishinii kanaa ta’ee tajaajilaa jira. Namni kun Kiraasassabdummaa guddaatti bobba’ee kan jiru yoo ta’u dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo fi sab-lammiilee addaa addaa mana sirreessaa kana keessa turanii fi jiranii nama dhugaa turee fi dhugaa jiruu dha. Akka fakkeenyaatti:

1. Midhaan tortoree bakkeetti biqile gatii rakasaan galchanii sirreeffamaa nyaachisuu, nyaata giraama seeraan ka’amee ala sirreeffamaaf dhiyeessuu, shukkaara sirreeffamaa fi miyeessituu dhiyaatu ofiif olfatanii gurgurachuun baajata nyaataa sirreeffamaa kana qoddatanii itti fayyadamuu, 

2. Hojii humnaaP rojektoota addaa addaa waliin waliif galuun sirreeffamaa baayina isaanii ibsuun ulfaatu yeroo addaa addaatti hojjechisanii gatii humnaa kaffalmuufii qabu dhowwachuun qooddatanii nyaachuu, 

3. Qarshii miliyoonaan lakkaa’amu qaamonni deggersaa Mit-Mootummaa addaa addaa sirreeffamaa kanaaf kennan fayidaa dhuunfaa isaaniif oolfachuu,

4. Jijjiirraa sirreffamaatti yoo xiqqate jiddugaleessaan qarshii 5000-10,000 sirr/seeraa hiyyeessa kana irraawalitti qabaniin yaachuu,

5. Sirreeffamtoota hojii ogummaa fi furdisa horii irratti bobbaa’anii hojjetan sodaachisuudhaan waan isaan hojjetanii argatan harkaa fuudhatanii fayidaa dhuunfaa ofii irra olfachuu, 

6. Sirreeffamaa rasaasa ciniinsisanii reebuu, mirga ammaakiroo sirreeffamaa sarbuun qarshii itti fudhatanii hojjechuu,

7. Omisha midhaanii fi kanneen addaa addaa Mana Sirreessaa hunda keessatti oomishamu kan humni sirreeffamaa kun akka bishaaniitti irratti dhangala’ee oomishu yoo xiqqate galii achi irraa argamu walakkaa ol-qooddatanii nyaachuun silaa galii mana sirreessaa guddisee baajatni sirreeffamaa akka dabalu taasisu mana nama dhuunfaatti akka inni walitti qabamu gochuu,

8. Sirreeffamtoota seeraa hojii daandii chaayinaa waliin hojjeechisanii galii humnaa achi irraa argamu qooddachuu irra darbanii sirreeffamtoota namoota afur utuu riqicha naannoo Arsii, Dodolaa hojjetanii riqichi irratti cabee ajjeese dhukkubsatanii du’an jechuun ukkamsanii hambisuu,

9. Baajata yaalaa sirreeffamaaf ramadamu ofii isaanitii olfachuudhaan sirreeffamaan manneen sirreessaa keessatti ciisee yaala tokko malee du’aa kan jiru ta’uu, ogessota fayyaa dhimma akan irratti qabsaa’an immoo isin ergama diinaatiif deemtu jechuudhaan Komaans Poostiin qabsiisanii hiisisaa turuu, 

10. Meeshalee addaa addaa keessumaa uffata kotorbaandii irraa qabamanii qaamni meeshaa kana to’ate sirreeffamaan akka itti fayyadamuuf kenne tilmaama qarshii miliyoonaan lakkaa’amu baasu dhoksanii bu’aa dhuunfaa isaanii irra oolfachuu,

11. Iddoo addaa addaatti lafa mana sirreessaa mootummaan akka irratti oomishni geggeeffamuuf kenne dhoksanii qoqqooduudhaan gurgurachuu,

12. Jijjiirraa hojjetoota Komiishinichaatti giddugaleessaan qarshii 10,000-20,000 yoo xiqqate Inspeektera Olaanaa Habtaamuu Tasfaayee Ab/Ad/H/Namaa Komishichaa kan ture waliin nyaachaa turuu isaanii,

13. Sirreeffamaa murtii isaa hin xumuranne qarshii guddaa itti fudhachuudhaan keessumaa sirreeffamtoota sabaan Oromoo hin taane gadi lakkisiisuu, matta’aa itti fudhachuun akka isaan ba’anii badaniif haala mijeessuu, sirreeffamaa qabeessa ta’an doorsisanii qarshii irraa fudhachuu,

14. Namtichi kun ofiiisaatii Hogganaa Komand Postii naannoo Finfinnee keessaa tokko waan tureef, sirreeffamtoota mirgi siyaasaa isaanii sarbamee mana hidhaa kana galan irratti dhiibbaa addaa addaa geggeessisiisuudhaan akka isaan beellama mana murtiitti hin dhiyaanne illee gochuu,

15. Namni kun mirga dubartoota hojjetoota Komiishichaa haalaan kan sarbu ta’ee, hojii sagaagalummaa fi isaan gaafatee yoo isaan fedhii dhaban hojii irraa kan isaan ariisisaa turee fi jiruu dha. 

Dararaa hamma kana ga’u namni kun Hoggantoota Manneen Sirreessaa Godinaalee ammaaf maqaa isaanii ibsuun hin barbaachifne waliin dalagaa waan jiruuf, gocha kiraasassabdummaa kanaanis magaalaa Finfinnee keessaatti iddoo addaa addatti mana jireenyaa ijaarratee kan jiruu fi akkasumas mana daldalaaf ta’u gamoo abbaa darbii sadii Magaalaa Burraayyuu naannoo Saansusiitti ijaarrachaa kan jiru ta’ee, gochuma hammeenyaa sirr/hiyyeessa irratti dalagu kanaan haati warraa isaa daldaltuu beekamtuu taatee biyyoota Arabaa fi Awurooppaa deemuudhaan meeshaa addaa addaa galchitee hojii daldalaa irratti argamti. Akkasuma Komiishinera Komiishinichaa kan ture TsehayNagaash kan jedhamu yeroo baayyee hojii dhaabaa OPDO kan hojjetuu fi hojii manichaa sababa hojii kanaaf gadi fageenyaan keessa hin beekne fi hojii farraa malaammaltummaa irratti jabinaan qabsaa’u, sababa inni hojii isaa kanatti qabsaa’ee isa saaxiluu jalqabeef iddoo isaa irraa hoggantoota BMNO ol’aanoo ta’an waliin walii galuudhaan hanna isaa kana jabaatee itti fufuudhaaf kan ariisise yeroo ta’u, yeroo ammaa kana hojii isaa gocha bineensummaa kana jabaatee itti fufee jira. Kanaaf yeroo gabaabaa keessatti BMNO dhimma kanatti ilaalacha gochuudhaan qaama sirreeffamaa manneen sirreessaa oromiyaa keessa jiran dubbisee dhimma kana qulqulleeffachuudhaan namicha kana seeratti kan hin dhiyeessine yoo ta’e, nuti sirreeffamtoonni manneen sirreessaa keessaa adabbii keenya xumurrannee baane qeerroo nannawaa Finfinnee jiran waliin taanee tarkaanfii madalawaa namticha gantuu kana irratti fudhachuuf qophii xumurree jirra.

Gocha Manneen Sirreessaa Oromiyaa keessatti dalagamu saaxiluun itti fufa!

  1. Karaa Jawar Mohammed

ONLF and OLF Holds the Ethiopian government and its ruling Coalition Parties as solely responsible for the mass killings of Oromo and Somali peoples

Joint Statement by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)
December 21, 2017
The Ethiopian government has been systematically instigating conflict between and within nations in Ethiopia to divert the attention of the stakeholders from its failing rule for the last two years. Although, the Ethiopian government has continually employed divide-and-rule tactics across the country by systematically instigating and promoting civil war among the nations; such war is specifically orchestrated between the Ogaden Somali and the Oromo nations, under the stage management of both Federal government security apparatus, and agents of both regional states.
Such Machiavellian policies of the ruling regime and its regional collaborators has costed both communities, countless lives, and it is affecting not only Oromo people and Somali people in Ethiopia, but also spreading across borders in the Horn of Africa, from Djibouti to Somalia and Kenya. Today, the situation is rapidly deteriorating as hundreds of civilians are massacred. Left unaddressed, the conflict will undoubtedly lead the two fraternal communities to a horrific civil war. Furthermore, if the

Ethiopian regime is left to succeed, such a war inevitably will cost millions of lives with dire consequences for both communities and the communities of wider Horn of Africa.
Cognizant of the fact that, the unfolding tragedies are meticulously masterminded and implemented under the leadership of the regime with the objective of staying in power, employing divide and rule methods as means of governance; the ONLF and OLF holds the Ethiopian regime and the ruling EPRDF party as solely responsible for the crimes committed against both peoples and the wider peoples of Ethiopia. Therefore, we urge the regime to unconditionally and immediately stop such criminal practices.
Furthermore, both fronts request the AU, EU the UN and the international community to urgently start an independent international investigation into the unfolding tragic and continuous massacres of civilians in both sides; that is to date worsening in the entire Somali-Oromia borders including, the other parts of Ethiopia; to be able to bring those responsible for such abhorring crimes to an international tribunal.
The OLF and ONLF call upon the Somali and Oromo people, to stop being used as agents of EPRDF regime to aide it to commit crimes against each other. ONLF and OLF further call upon the traditional elders, civil society, religious leaders, political organisations and intellectuals of both communities to come together and fight this menace against the wellbeing of both nations. ONLF and OLF also call upon all organisations, civil societies and communities in Ethiopia to condemn the current barbarous acts and desist from talking part in it.
OLF and ONLF also call upon media sources to both locally and internationally to expose this heinous crime and avoid fanning the conflict further and report responsibly.

The Oromo, Somalis and the other nations of the Horn of Africa will always remain neighbours; hence those who want to destroy the centuries old fraternal relationships between all communities in the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia are doomed to fail.
Finally, instigating ghastly killings and decapitation of the Civilians in Ogaden Somali and Oromia will never compromise our fraternity and never deviate us from our struggle for Freedom and Self-Determination.
Peace shall prevail!

Issued by The OLF and ONLF on December 21, 2017

Qabsoon Ummatni Oromoo daangaa hanga daangaatti tokkummaan socho’uun taasisaa jiru mootummaa wayyaanee baaragsuun hollachiisaa jira.

Keessumattuu tooftaan saboota gurguddoo biyyattii lamaan wal nyaachisuun ibiddaa fi cidii fakkeessuun waggoottan kurnan lamaa oliif itti gargaaramaa turte itti dammaqamuun sabootni kunniin hariiroon jidduu isaaniitti biqile gabbataa dhufuun sadarkaa wayyaaneen abdii murattu irraan gayeera.
Mootummaan abbaa irree kallattii hundaan itti dammaqamaa jiru kun umrii aangoo isaa dheereffachuuf waan na dandeessisa jedhe mara dalaguu akka malu shakkii nama baay’ee ta’eera. 
Kanarraa ka’uun wantootni mootummaan wayyaanee godhaa jiru hundi ija shakkiin kan laallamaa jiru yoo ta’u, godina Baaleetti waan taajjabe qaba nuun jedhe namni godina baalee irraa nu dubbise tokko.
Yeroo ammaa Mootummaan Wayyaanee gama hundaan Qabsoon Uummanni Oromoo Godhaa jiruun Abdii Kutachuun Godina Baalee keessaa midhaan humnaa ol bituun fe’aa akka jiru jiraataan kun dubbateera.
Godina baleetti yeroon kun yeroo oomishni midhaanii sassabamu ta’uun wal qabatee Mootummaan wayyaanee Halkanii fi guyyaa Midhaan hangana hin jedhamne bituun fe’ataa jiraachuu kan dubbate namni kun, gatii biyyaatii ol dabalanii bituun gabaa miidhaanii too’ataniiru.
Ummanni keenna Gatii Ol kaasanii Bituu wayyaanotaa malee kaayyoon Ummanni Kuni bitaa jiruuf waan hubate hin fakkaatan kan jedhe Maddi kun, maallaqa yeroo dheeraaf ol kaawataniin oomisha godinichaa sassaabuun hawaasa keenna beelarra buusuun qabsoo hawaasichaa sakaaluuf ta’uu mala sodaa jedhu akka qabanis eeraniiru.
haalli tanaan dura hin baratamne mootummaan wayyaanee miidhaan godinicha keessatti itti bitaa jiran kun haala jalqabame kanaan itti fufnaan Uummanni keenna yeroo dhihoo keessatti beelaaf Saaxilamuun isaanii waan hin hafne jedhu namni haala godinicha keessa jiru ijaan arge kun.
Dabalataanis wanti Midhaan kana gatii Ol kaasanii bitaa jiraniif Rakkoo fuula dura itti deemaa jirtuuf waan of qopheessaa jiran fakkaatu.
Kanaaf immoo Uummanni keenna oomisha midhaan isaa Wayyaanetti gurguruu irraa of qusachuun daba isaan qabatanii socho’aa jiran akka hoongessan yaamichi dhiyaateera.